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Default Factory Reset??

I have the 16GB Zen Mozaic.

I haven't used it in a while and I decided to download some new music -create a new playlist and take it on vacation with me -I thought it would be good for the plane ride.

I downloaded some new music onto my PC and went to load it on to the player -worked no problem. Then I went to create the playlist. I spent hours on it --almost 1/2 the day and every time only 2 or 3 songs out of around 30 would actually transfer over to the playlist on the player.

As it was syncing the playlist to the player it kept saying "already on player" or something like that and it would skip over it. Then when I looked at the player there would be multiple's of 40% of the songs listed in "all tracks" and it also kept downloading all the pictures from my pc -even though I thought I set it not to do that.

Anyway, I had to sit there and delete, delete, delete all the doubles, triples, pictures, etc. 1 by 1.......and that happened every time I tried to create the playlist. I was ready to throw it out the window and go buy a new one.

Now, I just want to wipe it clean and start over. I want to do a complete factory reset (not the soft reset using the little button on the side) on it and wipe all songs/pics etc from it and start over like it was new.

How can I wipe it clean without deleting each item 1 at a time?

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