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Default Sound issues/sol folder problem

Problem: The sound is lean, basswise it tends to be sharp certain bbe settings not working fully or at 100 percent. Minor problem (which could have something to do with main problem.) Newly placed album art flickers from bright to normal.....

So with this problem these are all the things I've done in past couple days that migh help one figure out what went wrong.

Actions:Installed Uci"s -Paper by Luna as well as PUZZLE coming from g2, and h20,Klaus browser-
-Put a 24 lancher from Klaus in place of the 120 I've been useing for for about a month in a half, then switched-
-Music and VIDEO: about 500mb each-

-My input- Now personally I think it could be how I put the music on there, the album art as well as the Puzzle menu. Also pertaining to the sol. folder I deleted the stuff that came with the other uci"s that I deleted. Now music wise I had this problem a long time ago with a Sony player I figured cowon wouldt have this problem.....basiclly certain music would be in the wrong folder and I would cut it from one folder and paste it into another....then disconnect.

With the Sony I would restart and all of the directory would be messed up. I would have a folder of the artist and inside his or her multiple albums but when I would go in the folder were the albums are susposed to be and one would run away and take it's friends with it. On the computer it appeared just fine on the device you saw the true story. So back to the Cowon I relate those two as doing the same thing and something weird unorthadox. So this problem didn't come about until I 1. Cut and copied a folder 2. Put puzzle uci (mainmenu 3) 3. Installed album art

4. Deleted some files associated with old uci. I don't believe music or movies had anything to do with it I guess worth mentioning was that ome movie was H.264 that's the only thing I can think of. I think I should reformat, new firmware, and new sol. Folder, would deleteing something default out of the folder cause loss of sound or sond related problems? One more thing as I've ran thru a slew of uci"s I always try to delete the old ones when I install the new there whas a file called Thumb that I've never seen it told me if I delete it might cause system damage......funny think is inwould click no every single time and when I look to see where it was it was never there.

Opinions,Facts,Observations from professionials, or new comers would be welcomed.

(SIDENOTE) it's not the phones....
(Final Verdict) sol folder.......?
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