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Default My Story So Far

My love of mp3 players began in 1998, when I was on a middle school field trip to Washington, DC. A friend of mine with generous parents had a Diamond Rio with 32mb of storage, and I remember listening to Don McLean's American Pie on the bus, completely mystified by the concept that there was no spinning CD in there. I knew I had to have one.

However, it never happened for me, until Apple released the original iPod, which I quickly dropped $400 on for a whole 5Gb of hard drive storage. It seems like so much for what it was in retrospect, but thinking back on it, I'm pretty sure I got $400 worth of enjoyment out of it. I also managed to sell it before it lost all its value.

Since then, I've had various iPods and iPhones, with my most recent solution being to use the iPhone's mp3 player and only carry one device. I'd been using iPods and iTunes for so long, I'd become almost numb to how difficult it was to actually put media on there using iTunes, and would regularly choose not listening to music at all rather than spend 4 hours of my life fighting with the media player/mobile device operating system/music store/movie rental store/juggernaut that is iTunes. It never occurred to me that there could be alternative products out there that weren't junk.

Then something wonderful happened. I was issued a phone at work, and decided it was time to sell my iPhone 4 and pocket the $80 a month I was spending on it. As a result, I had to reevaluate my mp3 player position, and after using the BlackBerry player as my primary for a week (I won't get too much into this, but it was a dice roll every time I pressed play, as the device doesn't recognize whether headphones are plugged in 50% of the time, and will play out the speaker instead). I knew I needed to find something new.

That brought me to this site, as I knew I wanted to purge iTunes from my life, and typed something very similar to the name of the site into Google. But I honestly didn't know there was competition to the iPod of any serious kind. All of the companies discussed on this site, other than Sony and Samsung, are new to me. I knew Sandisk only as a memory manufacturer.

I've always been a moderate audiophile, in that I know the difference between mp3 and FLAC and resent listening to music on YouTube in 96kbps (or less?) like so many my age do regularly. I already owned Sennheiser CX300s and HD-485s for home use, so I felt like I fit in here immediately.

After reading around for an hour, it became very clear that you guys love the Sansa players. At first I thought I wanted a Sony E-series, but after using the wonderful compare feature, I realized there wasn't a huge difference to me between that and a Sansa, other than cost. Combined with the almost comically small form of the Clip+, I decided I'd give it a try.

I picked up a 4gb Clip+ yesterday, loaded it up with music converted from FLAC to v0, and am listening on my CX300s as I write this. I couldn't be happier. The sound quality really is great (I wish I had the opportunity to do a comparison test with the iPhone), and I love the minimalist design. I went for a walk with it clipped to my belt, and I'd forgotten the joy of being able to adjust the volume or skip tracks without taking the player out of my pocket and messing around with it. I travel a lot for work, and I can't wait to take this thing to the airport, and have it improve my day instead of frustrate me!

The best part is, I just sold an old iPod on eBay for $50 (which is what I paid for it 2 years ago), so my Clip+ was essentially free. Maybe that is the universe's way of paying me back for all the pain I've endured.

Just wanted to thank all of you for the abundance of great information on the site, and especially the compare feature, which is the best source of information I've yet found.
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