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Default Easy Playlist Creator for Clip+

I bought my wife a Clip+ recently for her to use while working out. She asked me to put together some playlists for her and I loathe WMP.

After searching here and elsewhere and finding suggestions for playlist creation I found a very simple program that works fantastic and takes less than a minute to create one (most of the time is spent ordering the songs in the list).
Playlist Creator 3.6.2 - freeware
(Windows XP to 7)

This program is designed to do nothing but create playlists in a variety of formats to accommodate many devices.

For the Clip+ (and I'm assuming other Sansa devices) do the following.

After installing:
1. Settings - Playlist Details. Change the "do you want to save playlist entries as absolute or relative" to relative in the dropdown box.

2. Tick the use forward slashes option

3. Connect your Clip+ in MSC mode.

4. Create a folder in the "music" folder on the clip titled whatever you want it to be for the music your copying there. Example - Classic Rock.

5. Drag and drop files to new directory.

6. Open Playlist Creator (if not already open).

7. In the folder you have created that you've copied the mp3 files to on the clip, now drag and drop those files into Playlist Creator. It will automatically load them into the playlist.

8. Order them to your preference using the toolbar buttons to the right of the playlist window.

9. At the bottom of the program window set the save location to the folder on the Clip where the files are stored.

10. Name your playlist whatever you want and make sure .m3u is selected in the drop down box next to where you enter the name.

11. Click Create Playlist

12. When done making all the playlists you want close the program and unplug the Clip and let it refresh itself.

13. Your playlists should be visible.

Hope this helps as I saw some people were having problems on here with playlists on the Clip.
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