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Default loving my new lineup so far

I feel like I finally have a complete line-up of players and IEMs so I thought I would share.

The Specialist
DAP: Sansa Clip 8GB
IEM: JVC Air Cushion

I have this duo for active usage...working out, riding my bike, cutting the grass, etc. Its light, has enough storage to get me through a couple of hours without repetition and has good sound without an amp. The Air Cushions are very light and have a shallow fit so they don't get uncomfortable with sweat or whatever.

The Workhorse
DAP: Sansa Fuze+ 8gb+16gb SD card)
IEM: Klipsch S4

Picked this pair up recently to use for mostly music and to watch the occasional episode of Entourage or whatever at lunch. So far so good. Thinking about a little amp but not sure. I went with less expensive player here with the hopes of making it by until android players are more available. I would love more battery life, Wifi, and android apps.

Big Daddy
DAP: Zune 120
IEM: Visang R02

I love this thing. I have my entire MP3 collection on there as well as several movies and usually a seasons worth of something. Its primary usage is in the bedroom hooked up to some PC speakers via the A/V dock. I also use it for trips to entertain the kids or transport movies to watch in hotel rooms, etc. I was carrying it around all the time but the decrease in high capacity players made me nervous. If I loose, break or get this thing stolen my replacement choices are slim.

Thats it for now. Lineup looks pretty solid for my usage. I have several players and IEMs I would love to try but I cant justify replacing anything I have right now. I do have two Creative Vision Ms that I let the kids use so they keep their paws off daddy's stuff, but they aren't anything special so I don't have any pics.
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