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Old 09-20-2010, 05:59 AM
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Default 2GB Zen Stone 'won't turn on' experience and battery check

My daughter gave me her old 2GB Zen Stone to fix.
It doesn't turn on, I immediately thought it's the battery to be replaced.
If I USB-plug it to the PC, it is not seen.
I managed to open it, it is all glued, and found that the battery gives 0V.
I desoldered the battery and re-measured, still 0V.
I connected the battery-less Zen board to the PC, it was immediately seen and working OK.
So I took a look of the battery, it is a 672126 model, 280mAh, 3.7V, Lithium Poly cell.
I have taken off the tape around the terminals of the battery, there is a very small pc board with, as much as I can see, a 968BE which should be a Dual N-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFET, and another 36TGF, 6 pins, unknown IC, plus a couple of resistors an a capacitor (or a fuse?).
I then tested the battery before the pc board and it gives 3.3V, 640mA if shorted.
This makes me think of 2 possibilities:
1. the battery circuit is broken, so the battery, even if still good, is cutted by the circuit and gives 0V.
2. the battery was discharged over its low security voltage, so the circuit sees it as dead.
I will next try to recharge the battery without its circuit, with a lithium battery charger that I have, and see whether the circuit will again give me the needed voltage.
If the circuit is broken, I may try to power the Zen with direct connection to the cell, it should work, but I don't know whether it will still be recharged regularly by USB power.
Or I may try to find a replacement, already seen a chinese brand for this model, but it may be sold without the circuit, so I don't know yet what will be...
I'll keep you informed, while I will gladly accept every advice of yours
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