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Default Shure SE110 vs. Sennheiser HD202

Hey everybody, I already had the SE110's when I bought the Senn's, expecting better sound quality, but unfortunately this is not the case. I can still return them, and am wondering whether it's worth the hassle or whether the 202s have any merit.

I am wondering whether I should just return them. I know it's hard to compare IEMs with cans, but what are your experiences with the Sennheiser? Is there any reason I should keep them around?

Also, should the Shure's have a weird vibrating sound like sand stuck in between the magnets or something? Thanks a lot, BMN
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Can't say anything about the Shures. Never had any to know anything about the sound or build quality. However I have the Senn HD 202.

They're not excruciatingly bad but they are where you start, not what you would get to step up in quality.The sound is entry level at best. There's lot of bass but it's muddy and muffled. For me to get any highs from them requires some radical EQ settings. TBH I bought them because of the name and a really tight budget. I wouldn't buy them again. The Sennheiser brand, yes. I really my Senn HD428s. The HD202, no.

I got mine new for about $20. To my ears the JVC Flats at around the same price are much better.
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