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Default Broken earbuds, need <$100 replacement

Hey all, yet another poor college student here. Broke my Earbuds today on the Metro, and I want to pick up a great sounding semi-premium replacement for under $100 or as low as possible without sacrificing too much quality. All my time browsing here has made me a bit of a novice audiophile. However, every cent I save on these buds the closer I am to replacing my D2 with a J3.

I currently have a Cowon D2 (with a broken touchscreen and no warranty so all I can do is get to the music player, barely) and my previous buds were Sony Mdr-ex75 which sounded pretty good (again, novice audiophile here). Between the commute, work, and down time, not having music just might make me homicidal, so I want to replace them ASAP.

As far as what I want, I'm mostly concerned about price. Noise cancelling/isolation/blockage is a must since I commute on the Metro. I listen to a lot of kinds of music from classical to heavy metal, so I don't think there's any specific type to try and tune for. I do like hearing the bass though, so that would be a plus. No asymmetrical cords though, I hate those. And if some sort of anti-tangle cord exists, please god yes. Good looks, carrying case is nice but not a plus. Also I don't care what it is, if the product has an i in front of the name (iMusic, iSuck, iEtc.), i will not buy it. Also I'm in the US if that makes a difference.

I've been combing through here all day but I'm not sure which set is a good buy on my budget. All these reviews seem to be urging me to blow hundreds on a set of buds and that's just not going to happen.

...any suggestions? Please? Pretty please?
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