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Default MSC vs. MTP: I know I am dumb...

Newbie with the Clip+.
I know u can run it either as msc or mtp.

I believe my thumb drives for my computer are probably msc. So are my external hard drives. If I am wrong, tell me.

I think my clip+ is now in mtp mode. That means some of my directory/file software won't see the clip+ (such as the double paned Turbo Navigator) though it can see thumb and external hard drives; but WinExp and My Computer and some other programs can see the Clip+ in MTP mode. And if u use the latter software, u can drag and drop tagged music files on to the clip+.

Now here is my stupid questions:
Is one mode a slam dunk over the other?
Is one mode better in certain situations?

I don't like changing settings without knowing what I getting into.
In general I like all my directory and file software to recognize the clip+.
But I don't know.

One last question: before u pull a thumb drive out of the usb port, u are supposed to use the "safely remove hardware" and tell the computer ahead of time that u are going to pull the damn thing out.

With my clip+, it doesn't seem to show up (I guess it's because it is in msc mode) and so I don't use the "safely remove hardware" and I just yank it.

So far this has not caused total protonic reversal (see, Ghostbusters 1 re crossing the streams) for my computer.

Any comments? I can handle insults too to some extent.

I have googled the two modes. I have read the wiki entries and other webpages but I want it translated into clip+ language. I have done a search on this subforum and have found nothing tho I find it hard to believe it hasn't been discussed tho perhaps in regard to other players.
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