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Default Wireless Connection problem - Connected but not?

Hey folks.

I have a strange issue with my wireless sync/connection for my Zune on my home network. Wired works fine. My ZuneHD has an assigned IP address and went through the connection process fine, advising connection was OK.
- Signal strength = fine.
- IP address assignment = DHCP
- Passkey exchanged fine = WPA-PSK (TKIP)
- Wireless Router/Modem shows the Zune Mac address as a connected device.

However, whenever I try and connect to internet, access marketplace etc it just says loading..... for ever and doesnt connect. I have tried forgetting the network connection and reconnecting it, restarts etc. The only thing that works inexplicably is resetting my home router (but it just loses sync to the same state a day or so in).

I have about 6-7 other devices connected to my home network (TIVO, TV, NAS, laptops, Wii, PS3 etc) and none of these lose sync or have connection issues.

What is most frustrating is that the bloody Zune shows as connected....but it just wont do anything!

Any help appreciated.

<edit> - when it shows as connected, if I go to the SYNC WITH PC action in the Wireless settings, it says "Looking for Network" then a short time later says "Can't connect to the network" Damn!

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I have the same problem(i think) and I fixed it by properly turning wifi off on the ZuneHD.

Reset your router and connect the ZuneHD to the router... Now have fun with thr internet.... Ok now when you are done with the wifi go to settings>wireless>network... and click on your router, it will display a massage "Disconnect from current router?" and say yes, then when it finish disconnecting...turn off wifi.

You have to do this every time you connect to the router.... Hope this helps.
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