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Default Some Zune HD questions

Hi, I am an Australian user thinking of buying a zune HD and just have a few questions:

- do you need to be connected to wifi to get artist details page (background picture, bio, related artists etc) or is that information pulled from the zune software and kept on the device so it can be viewed without wifi

- how have you found not having a hardware volume rocker? Is the onscreen volume/pause easy enough to use and you get used to it?

- Could I plug the zune usb cable into a standard iphone USB AC adaptor and charge without issue or would I need the official zune charger?

Any other comments would be appreciated!!
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1) It gets synced with the zHD... yes it can be viewed without wifi
2) I really like the media button... I got use to it day 1.
3) Yes Ive used the Apple AC adapter for my zHD and it works perfectly.
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1. Sometimes the artist background info does not always download to your Zune HD.
so using wifi will download that data much easier & faster then the Zune software.
2. It's pretty much easy to use when your using the internet or playing games.
3. Any usb AC adapter will work with the Zune HD cable.
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Looks to me like you two have it mostly covered, just want to input on the media button...

It is, to be honest, MUCH more helpful than a volume rocker. In terms of pocket-use, where a rocker only allows you to easily change the volume, the media button allows you to easily change the volume as well as change the song, seeing as a horizontal swipe anywhere on the screen going from right to left goes next and vice versa. I was skeptical at first too, but have come to love it. Only downside is that it turns on the screen which drains battery, but that's not really of consequence with how efficient the OLED screen is and large the battery life is... IMO. Now I'll stop rambling.
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Thanks for much for the quick replies guys! You have made me feel much more confident that the zune HD is right for me

I just had one other question after doing some more reading. It seems people are having a hard time syncing the zune HD - that it takes an incredibly long time to sync (some people saying it took days!).

Now is this just a long initial sync, or will it happen all the time? One of the things I liked about the zune/zune pass in theory was that I could add new albums and subscribe to new zune marketplace music channels and the zune would quickly sync these (over wifi preferably) without much effort from me.

But if this is going to take forever - then im not so sure. So what are your experiences?
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Right, I have never heard of incredibly long sync times, especially never days. Depending on how much media you have to sync initially, you may be waiting a while, but never days. After that, syncing is super quick usually.
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