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Old 09-06-2010, 08:19 AM
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Default PC Pro article - "Five reasons why Apple’s earbuds aren’t that bad"

Yes you read that right. Get over there and marvel at the incisive thinking.

On the user experience:

Yes, there’s no doubt that Sony or Sennheiser’s finest offer superior sound quality to the Apple earbuds, but most people simply won’t notice the difference.
On straight vs 90 degree plugs:

Apple is seemingly the only company to realise that a headphone jack that sits flush with the player isn’t always desirable.
On that special cachet that comes with the Apple brand:

That distinctive cable marks you out as a member of a premium club, in the same way as the Ray Ban logo on your sunglasses or a Nike swoosh on your trainers.
Actually he might have a point with the last one - but in an unintentional irony kind of way .

There's more. Of course there's more. Anyway - on an unrelated note, there's no login required to post comments. Fancy that .

[Disclaimer: this isn't supposed to be an anti-Apple post, it's just to laugh at silly journalists who ought to know better.]
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