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Old 09-06-2010, 06:02 AM
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Default Little upgrade on IEMs! best around $100?

Wazzup guys, I'm new to the world of high-end iems, currently i have a clip+ with v-modas vibe and bass freq, now I decided to upgrade my IEMs, and well, I'd like a earphone that could be used for personal listening and for monitoring on stage, since i´m a drummer, but I know its a lil bit hard depending on the price, my budget are $100 max, what i like:
Good amount of bass(quality), w/punch, mids, clarity, instrument separation and of course, fun to listen, plus i dont like very very bright sounds, Which i think is a little annoying. I really don´t know if i am a basshead or not, I love how the v-modas delivers the bass on some songs, but I can´t compare them to another "less-bass" good IEM, since i don´t have one in the same price range, only cheap ones.

What i have in my mind now:

Hippo VB
Westone UM1
Ue Super fi 5
Ue Super Fi 3 Studio
Klipsch s4
Etymotics ER-6i

The question is, should I sacrifice some bass to have a phone for isolation and monitoring? considering that I already have the modas for the bass heavy songs? So, whats the best i can get with $100 or less? thanks!

edit: just to let u know, i listen mostly rock,metal,rap,funk and some pop
Clip+ / Future Sonics Atrio - V-moda Vibes/Bass fréq - FiiO E5

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