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Default MP3 player's lowest volume is too loud

Hi there, I'm new around here. I'm looking to buy myself a new MP3 player and one of my main requirements seems to be little-mentioned (as far as I can find anyway). That requirement is to be able to turn the volume down very low.

My Samsung Jet's minimum volume setting is mute, completely silent. The very next step up from there is often still too loud for when I'm trying to concentrate on a complex problem at work. I'd like an MP3 player that stands out in this department, but so far google has been almost completely useless.

Not as useless, however, as all the bricks-and-mortar stores in my area. I want a recent memory size like 16GB, and none of the stores around the place stock them yet. I'd feel bad about going into one of those stores and getting a staff member to let me listen to a few of their 8gb models, only to walk out and buy a 16GB from the net instead.

I know of some workarounds such as software to normalise or change volume levels of mp3 files, and using a player's equaliser to drop the volume as well, or an extension lead with an embedded volume dial. These are good enough as last resorts I guess, but they're still just workarounds. What I'd really like to know is if anyone out there has found this issue to be at all important to them, and what (if any) players or brands they found were better than others.

I used to use Shure canalphones, but breakages in the cable saw to their early retirement. I replaced them with UE Metro.Fi 170s which I'm not 100% happy with, so I may upgrade. I like being able to listen to very quiet music while I work, and I HATE distractions so good isolation's important to me. Therefore, an mp3 player that can't go low enough in volume is less than ideal. Your experiences in this area would be appreciated.

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