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Default hardware

FWIW seems someone has done a nice teardown of our beloved X-series here -- feat. a MP201-based system-on-a-chip w/ 250mhz arm, same as NW-A81* and friends. There's also a link to the FCC filing with scans of the pcb. Yummy!

The teardown site has all the grisly details about CPU and memory.

The wireless is a Murata made "LBWA-LC", 802.11b/g with no bluetooth, sadly.

Running on all this is linux, just like the NW-A80*/A81* ( Linuxy bits are gpl'd, so Sony _ought_ to have the source available for our curious eyes, modulo some closed-source blobs. The weblink to the A810 source is borked though. Maybe all this will be useful to some brave souls. The info, not the fact that the link is broken.

Oh snap, this was a long post. Are you bored to death? Good. Now I can take your car.

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