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Default Motorola S305 + SPINN

I decided to finally purchase a pair of Bluetooth headphones for my SPINN. I went with Motorola S305 (about $35 from, and this is my review of sorts. For reference, I am currently running FW2.10 with Envy the Soul: Ultimatum Red theme. You can read the reviews of the headset itself on Amazon and elsewhere so I will focus on how it works with the SPINN.

- paired right away without any issues
- pairs automatically in seconds after booting
- sound works for music and videos
- play/pause, next/prev song works
- sound quality and volume is good*
- headset volume adjust more responsive than SPINN's native one
- range is good (~10-20ft)
- should work fine simultaneously with SPINN and a cell-phone (not tested)

* I'm not an audiophile, but sounds as good as my wired headphones (I never use buds). the volume can be set to uncomfortably loud and best of all the headphone volume adjustment is much more responsive than the SPINN's native one. I just set the SPINN volume around 15 and use the headphones for the rest. Also, the bass is quite good.

- SPINN menu is a bit laggy, but useable (probably due to bluetooth in general)
- Headset doesn't work with radio (probably SPINN's fault, btooth icon turns off on the radio screen)
- Fast-forward and rewind don't work (supported by S305, likely SPINN's fault again)

As you can see the Pros far outnumber the Cons, and the Cons are somewhat minor. The radio is kind of annoying but i don't use it too much. I think it's because SPINN needs the headphone cable to function as an antenna that it doesn't work, so it's likely not specific to this headset. I don't really care to ever seek within a song, skipping forward and back a song is sufficient for me.

Hope someone finds this useful
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