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Red face Etymotic ER6i Vs Panasonic Zirconia


I have a question for you all:

So, I have Etymotic ER6i IEMs at the moment. I have been looking at the Panasonic Zirconia IEMs for a while, as my Etymotics are inconsistent in the way of sound (due to my A-symmetrical ear canals) so I can't always expect the two IEM buds to sound the same all the time. One night they're on par with each other, another night the right earbud has less ambientness to it. Sort of bugs me.

Personal tastes:

I love feeling like I'm in the middle of a song. Example: I listen to a lot of video game soundtracks, and I love to feel as if I'm really in the game. You probably get what I'm saying.

I love instrument separation and stuff of that nature. Instruments that sound mixed together=blah.

I love noise isolation, which is one reason why I bought the Etymotics. I use the foam tips, which may be one reason for the inconsistent sound, but I'm not sure. But they do sound the best, so...

I like comfort, but having the Etymotics for a while, I've gotten used to "digging deep" IEMs. Extreme comfort is not needed.

I dislike bass, as it tends to give me a headache, which is one reason why I bought the Etymotics back in "the day".

Now, for the question. Who would recommend that I get the Zirconias? Please provide some details, and whatever you can to help me out. Thanks a TON! Oh, but, if you know of a different headphone that suits my needs, that'd be nice for me to know about :]
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If you don't like bass, the HJE900 are probably not quite the right phones for you. Not that they have overly exaggerated bass, but they do have a realistic amount. From what you wrote, I guess you would like the Phonak PFE or Head-Direct RE0 more than the Panasonics. Both of those are clear upgrades to the ER-6, for my taste. PFE isolate more than RE0, and have better build quality.

Edit: I saw you mentioned the ER-6i, not the ER-6. Unfortunately I never heard those, but I guess they're not that different.
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Well, I haven't heard the Zirconias but based on various opinions both here and on other sites, they seem to be fairly bass-heavy phones. I have assymetrical ear canals myself and have always had big problems with attaining a proper fit. I happen to like a lot of bass and since the amount of isolation is of crucial importance to how bassy IEMs sound, I've been experimenting with various tips for my IEMs instead of going for different IEMs. This is what I would also recommend for you to do before dishing out the big bucks for another set of phones.
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'Right, well, I guess I'll do that. I've heard that the Shure tapered foam tips work well. Suggestions are still accepted, of course :]
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