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Default Movies not playing

I have a yp-t8
I can't figure out why my movies are not playing. I keep getting the green screen. I have no clue how to do this stuff. they gave me lame codec but what do i do with that? does it go on the player?
if i can't figure this out, i'm selling it. can someone please help me with this? i need baby steps, i don't understand half the language when it comes to codec things. Thanks for any help guys. jenn
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hi jenny

hopefully you havnt sold it yet and u still come here. Cant play movies? baby steps? Ill try my best...
ive never gotten a green screen before, but ill tell you how i got it to work:

the lame codec is fine, as long as u got it installed on ure comp. You dont need to put it in ure mp3 player. What you do need though is either 'samsung media studio 5' or 'samsung multimedia studio.' Both can convert your videos into .svi format. That is the format used to play videos on the yepp video player.

Important note: is -> you can only convert some video formats into the mp3 player format (svi). What you can convert are files ending with .avi or mpeg or...and im not too sure about the rest...i forget. Just try different ones and see if you get an error or not.

if u use multimedia studio:[/B]
Open it (obviously) This is like a filebrowser. All you need to do is find ure file or files. right click ure file/s. You can choose either 'export to video device' (which you will need ure mp3 player connected first to work; or 'convert the videos format at once' which means u can convert it to a location on ure computer and then transfer to ure mp3 player later either with this program or explorer (drag and drop).

Both ways will come up with a popup window. Choose the location. Click convert. Once done on ure player and play

with Media studio
You need to first search your computer for files. So click menu (at the top) > import > auto scan. That will probably take awhile. If you want only a few files all u need to do is import > open folder (or openfile) and itll add it to the program's database. Otherwise you can use windows explorer and drag files to the program's browser.

Then - you need ure player connected. You see the icons below the main bar? its got a music, film, picture and etc (text) symbols. Well if you click those you can see whatever catergories ure files are on ure comp. Now right click any file and click 'transfer files to portable device' And if its not already in svi format, itll convert it and transfer to ure mp3 player.

If you just want to convert a file first, disconnect ure mp3 player, and the 'transfer files to portable device' will change to 'convert.' and just like before, itll come up with a popupbox.

hope that was baby enough. Sure was long winded. ah well. time for breaky.
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I have the same probleme but when I try to convert the video in Samsung Media Studio, it won't progress it just stays in please

btw I have a Samsung S5.
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