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Default Looking for Zune App 2.5... or should I just go with 4.x?

Hey all!

Well, I had bought a Z80 refurb from Walmart last November, got a brick, decided to return it to WM within what I thought was their return window, but forgot that electronics are only 15 days. Sent it to MS for repair, and they shipped me out a new unit (yay!) in a white box (boo!). Was wanting to pawn it or list it on the Bay (and go with <shudder> an iPod, but a 5.5g just so I could Rockbox it), but without the box or the premium headphones I figured I would get nil for it. So it has been sitting on shelf along with the Car Pack v2 I got from TigerDirect for $5 awaiting my decision on what to do with it.

The main reason I was wanting to get rid of it was the lack of EQ, but I recently realized that I turn off the EQ on my Sony NW Walkman when I am in the car (where I use it the most often) since using the stereo's bass and treble yields a better sound. So I finally decided to start using it now. I pulled it of the shelf and was pleasantly surprised that after 3 months or so of nonuse it still had ~75% charge left. Not too shabby.

When I bought it, ppl were talking about zSuite and the like, so I thought I would give those a shot, but I am having a devil of a time trying to locate an actual Zune Application 2.5 file. Everything that is purporting to be 2.5 ends up being 4.0.

So, my questions are (aside from where I can find a v2.5 file), should I stop looking and just load v4.x? Aside from drag 'n drop and a clock, what else would I really be missing? I know I will gain the game support, not that I can see myself using that all that often. I guess my biggest issue is how songs are organized and being able to customize it, so if the newer software is better for browsing contents and if I will still be able to load wallpaper, then I guess I will just load 4.x and go with the flow.

TIA for any advice. I appreciate the help.

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