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Old 08-22-2010, 12:00 PM
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Default J3 + QTScrobbler: scrobbling for tracks added in MSC mode is possible

EDIT: Zenses sucks big time compared to QTScrobbler - read post 4 for an update.

I have my J3 in MSC mode all the time, but I wanted to give the latest beta of Zenses 2 a try. So I set my J3 to MTP mode, connected it to Windows, and voila, tracks to scrobble indeed showed up in Zenses. This is a major step up from the Cowon S9, which needed to have all tracks added in MTP mode, MSC-added tracks didn't show up.

Zenses 2 however is a rather buggy and temperamental app (not as much as Zenses 1, though). Even if it confirmed scrobbling tracks, none of them showed up for me on my site. I tried different timestamps (present/past/future), deleted the Zenses data folder, tried only scrobbling a few tracks, etc. So far I didn't get anything to actually scrobble. However, that seems to be some minor issue, which might be overcome easily.

This is just a heads up that one doesn't have to suffer the hassle and agony of MTP all the time with the J3, that one can use MSC mode for file transfer, and MTP mode only for Zenses. Maybe someone else gets luckier than me and actually manages to scrobble some tracks for real.
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