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Default Battery Meter Accuracy

I'm curious how everyone else's experience with the battery meter has been.

My player seemed to only last about 6 hours of normal use before going down to the 75% mark, and another 6 before going to 50%.
I charged it after that, so I'm not sure if the 25% and 0% marks last longer, but if the same trend continued, that would mean I'd only get about 24 hours out of the player (which isn't entirely bad, seeing as my old iPod got less than that, but still not anywhere near the 60-something hours that Cowon claims)

I'm currently testing the battery, e.g. having a single 128-kbit song on repeat with the screen off, and seeing how long it will actually last. Unfortunately I won't be able to complete the test, so I'll probably try again in a few days...

Now, according to this post on iAudiophile, this guy got about 20 hours for the first 25%, 8 for the second, 3 for the third, and 9 for the fourth. Is it possible that the last two quarters of my J3's battery life will perform better than the first two?
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