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Arrow Right Sony Hybrid tips -> That good?

For the past few months I've seen a lot of people in this forum and others, talking about how good the Sony Hybrid tips are. According to most of them they get a very good fit when compared to regular silicon tips.

I'm writing this thread because I've got some doubts about it. At the moment I'm the owner of Head Direct RE0 and I'm using default tips. I'm not very happy with them, since I can't get a good fit on my left ear. The best I can get is using the big double-flanged silicon one, but the results aren't good, since with some wax production it starts to escape/slide out of my ear. If I really push them inside it creates a big vacuum and the sound just vanishes.

Ok, it seems like I'm running away from topic.

What I want to know, is if people who have tried those Sony Hybrid tips really notice a huge difference that justifies their price (9$ + shipping). My doubts come from some rare opinions I read here and there saying that they don't make so much difference. After all, they are just silicon single tips, right? Should the fit be that different from regular double flanged silicon tips?
Is their material that good, that they create good attrition in our ears and don't slide out, easily?

Questions, questions and more questions
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