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Default Should I buy the J3 or the iAudio 9?

I started a thread on the general section of this forum here, and was directed toward Cowon players which I was very impressed by. I am now trying to decide between the J3 and the iAudio 9.

I thought the best way to figure this out, would be to get feedback on any cons about either of these products. Or anything you absolutely love about either of them. And are there any important features in one that aren't in the other one? The only things I noticed were the $100 price difference, that the J3 had the microSD slot, and touch pad versus touch screen. Anything else I'm missing?

Thank you for the help with this!
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This question would probably be best answered by you. The j3 is more of a PMP with larger on board memory (32GB) and the ability to expand memory via expansion slot, while the largest i9 would only be 16GB with no expansion. As far as the sound quality, they both offer JetEffects 3.0 and volume matched they should sound the same. Also for video the j3 would be better …

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The J3 is a better player in many aspects (interface, navigation, screen, battery life, more tactile buttons, SD slot) - the i9 is thinner, smaller, and less expensive.
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I think I'm going to get the J3 (I've been reading more, trying to compare stats, etc). And the big thing for me is the memory, the iaudio 9 doesn't have any expansion possibilities, which will be restricting, as I don't intend to buy another device for a while. I would like to get one that will last me and my needs for a few years.

Thank you both for your opinions!
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