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Default A different perspective on Zune HD apps

We've all had our share of issues with MS's app development. To some degree each of us has taken our shots at Dave and/or MS in general for;

-slow app development
-not allowing 3rd parties to develop apps
-lack of variety
-lack of focus
-killing babies (ooh, can we have an MJ baby-drop app!?)

With that said, I recently purchased my first Android phone. My wife uses an Iphone and has done so for 2 and a half years (she just ordered her Iphone 4). With that said;

I will take the free games on Zune HD over the free games on both Android and Iphone COMBINED. The quality of MS's games on Zune HD far surpasses the free games on both platforms in my opinion. I'd say definitely when compared to Android, and possibly when compared to Iphone.

Now, Iphone has a better selection of games, especially paid games and known series (such as Madden, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and even Hello Kitty!). Android's paid games are still a bit lacking, but they have some quality titles. Also, the variety is better on these platforms. Zune HD still needs a tower-defense style game, and a proper Tetris-clone. But overall, the Zune HD's games are not lacking, IMO. There are some apps we could all wish for (and Youtube, Last.FM, and Pandora would fit in well with their media-centric theme, but those are all run by 3rd party companies who won't want to sink development resources into a niche platform).
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