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Default what microSD works with Sansa Express

I just ordered a microSD card to expand my Sansa Express. It was from Sansa, but it was "M2" (4 GB) and it wouldn't fit into my Sansa Express. What's the deal? What kind of microSD card will work? Are there size limits for the microSD that will work? Thanks in advance.
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Wouldn't fit? That's strange.

I have 3 different MicroSD cards, a Sandisk 8gb c2, a Ridata 8gb C6 and a generic 8gb C6 (hilariously, the generic one is the fastest)

I just looked up M2, and it isn't a MicroSD, it's a "Memory Stick Micro"
Compare the images.
You got burned by Sandisk's misleading marketing. If whereever you ordered it from actually labelled the M2 as a microSD, then they are just plain wrong.
See if you can return the M2 and get a MicroSD.

When you're ordering, bear in mind that there are different speed classes for MicroSD cards.
A Class 2 with 6gb of music takes 70 seconds to boot, whereas a Class 6 with the exact same music takes only 23 seconds.
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