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Default Honest Opinions- Zune Pass

Hey all- long time lurker/first post yada yada... Need some opinions.

I am a Zune HD user/Zune Pass user since HD launch.
I was a looooooong time Windows CE/Mobile user from the days of the Philips Nino, through HTC's run on WinMo phones.

I recently jumped WinMo's ship and swam over to a Droid Incredible. I love this freakin phone.
My original intent was to go with Win Phone 7 when it came out because of my Zune Pass. I can't carry two devices so the HD would be retired at this point.
I could care less about apps with my HD. On my phone though, apps are EXTREMELY important to me. Not games so much but utilities.

Android apps are great and choices are plentiful. I have always hated Apple. I'm an Apple hater supreme, so any iGarbage is out.
Here's where I'd like some opinions:

Do you think the Win Phone 7 app choices are going to be as poor and as slow to come out as what we have all seen on the Zune?

I'm sure there will be more quantity than the Zune, but let's face it- if you are into the Zune for apps, you are not a happy person.

My current dream would be for Microsoft to release a Zune app for Android. Holy cow would that be sweet- my Zune Pass would never get canceled!

I'm honestly kinda hesitant to jump to Win Phone 7 after watching WinMo 6.x just die a slow death, the KIN phones implode into a black hole, Courier get killed off, etc etc....
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