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Default Vision W or Vision:M

I'm looking for a PMP, and don't know which one is better! Here are my criteria:

-Must have excellent sound quality
-Must have excellent screen to view movies
-Should hold a good amount of movies (10 at most)
-Doesn't need to hold many songs (1000 at most)
-Size isn't a big deal, as long as it fits in my pocket
-Aftermarket skins are a plus
-Should have a voice recorder
-Should have built-in FM tuner
-I don't like fingerprints or scratches, should be somewhat resistant to these.
-Should host a nice variety of file typse
-I will be taking this everywhere... from quick trips to the store to road trips.

Which one best suits my needs?
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The W and the M are the same, except for the screen, the CF slot and the removable battery. It's up to you which one's better fitting your needs.
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-Must have excellent sound quality - Both have good sound quality, but if sound is your dealmaker or breaker, the ZV:M would be better for sound quality.

-Must have excellent screen to view movies - While the ZV:Ms screen is beautiful for watching movie's, the ZV:W's screen is designed specifically for that purpose, so the ZV:W would be best for this point.

-Should hold a good amount of movies (10 at most) - Depends on size, 30 gig's will hold over 30 movies but if you have alot of music and alot of video's the 60 gig version would be better.

-Doesn't need to hold many songs (1000 at most) - same goes this music, depends which one you have more of, but 30 is good in most cases, a good way to tell is to highlight your video and music folder's in 'my documents' and see how many gig's they are both all up.

-Size isn't a big deal, as long as it fits in my pocket - the ZV:M would be much much better for the pocket, but the ZV:W is still a good fit, providing you don't go mountain biking or something with in.

-Aftermarket skins are a plus - You can buy many silicon and plastic and leather cases for the ZV:M, but products of this type for the ZV:W are limited. I think there is a leather pouch/case which came out not too long ago....

-Should have a voice recorder - All Creative DAPs and PMPs have this.

-Should have built-in FM tuner - All Creative DAPs and PMPs have this

-I don't like fingerprints or scratches, should be somewhat resistant to these. - The ZV:M scratches VERY EASILY, and fingerprints show up alot more on the black version than on any other colors. The ZV:W however is made of a different material which doesn't scratch or fingerprint.

-Should host a nice variety of file type - Both player's support a very very healthy amount of file types/codecs

-I will be taking this everywhere... from quick trips to the store to road trips. - It doesn't really matter I guess, but the ZV:M is much more compact that the ZV:W, it really comes down to where you'll be storing it.

So, the ZV:W is brilliant for movies, it doesn't scratch easily and his a very sturdy player, but the ZV:M is better for a more active lifestyle, the moves are great on it aswell, the screen is amazing. It also comes down to personal preference how deep your pocket's are....
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Ughh! If there's one thing I can't stand, it's scratches and fingerprints! I am leaning towards the thirty gig W at this point, simply because I am not a complete audiophile, and a nice set of headphones would up the quality a bit, but I have looked at the Archos 604 too... what's the scoop on that, versus the W?
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Archos offers more options but they have lots of costly addons. if Price isn't an issue then Archos might be better for you. For more bang for your buck I'd go ZVW.
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Hmm... yes, I have looked at a comparison of the Archos and the Cowon A2, and apparently, the Cowon has better audio and video than the Archos. So I'm now leaning towards that. But still, I will be listening to music around 80% of the time, so I wonder if it's worth it, and I could bear to watch movies on a Vision:M for the maybe 14 hours of the year I'll watch videos on it.
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I have a Vision M and a Vision W here in front of me. The plan was to sell the 30gb M and keep the 30gb W as my primary player. Instead, the W is going back. Here's why:

-The W screen isn't high res enough.

Playing the same video from the same source file on the M and W, even my 11 year old brother could easily distinguish much richer and detailed playback from the M. Both players were tested at 50% brightness and 100% brightness. The W washed out colors in every instance tested. This could be because the W screen is 2.5x the size of the M screen yet only has 1.7x the total pixels, meaning lower real world resolution.

When viewing pics downloaded from a CF, extreme jaggies appear on every line. This also has to do with the player not resampling when displaying pictures, a phenomenon that ruins full size and thumbnail picture viewing. Thumbnails from 10mp JPEGs are almost unusable. The same problem exists on the M but isn't as impactful since the W was marketed with CF host as a design feature.

-Processor isn't fast enough

Copy speed from the CF slot is okay, but once the pictures are in the player thumbnails take forever to load up. One thumbnail is created every 2-3 seconds for a folder of 10mp JPEGs. This problem is compounded by the fact that thumbnails for subsequent pictures in the same folder don't load up until you scroll to them. So if you have 100 pictures in a folder and you're looking at the first "page" of 50 pictures, the next 50 thumbnails will never be generated until you "page down." The same limitation applies when viewing a full sized picture; your thumbnails aren't being generated while the player is displaying the static full sized picture.

Real world, this means generating thumbnails for a folder of 400 or so large pictures takes about 30 minutes. All this testing was done while no music was playing in the background. Again, this makes viewing large JPEGs on this unit very problematic.

-Less than stellar build quality

The chrome directional buttons and the top power and volumn buttons all have a very cheap plastic feel. On my player all the buttons of the face slide around because they're not properly attached to their backing. If the W and M both came out tomorrow, you would think the M is the more modern player with more responsive controls.

I originally decided the larger screen for videos, CF transfer option, and picture viewing abilities of the W were worth the trade off for the higher price and bulk of the player. Unfortunately, I find the W screen to be subjectively worse and the CF functions only viable as portable storage for a digital camera, not as a playback/picture review tool. The W also loses as far as controls, sound quality, and battery life go, though the differences to the M here are marginal.

So my sights have shifted to a 60gb Zen Vision M. Hopefully another deal for $225 will come up like the deal that passed.

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I own a Vision:M & Vision W, the Vision W is much better for viewing movies because of the superior screen, considered with things like you not caring much about size and you not liking scrathes or fingerprints, I'd say the Vision W is the choice, the rest of your criteria are pretty much met by both.
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