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Default Songs crackling on Playback

Occasionally songs have loud crackling sounds when playing back. But, it's always the same songs. The crackling does decrease a little when I turn down the volume.

Any ideas?
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No ideas... but this also happens to me with certain songs also. I just added about 80 songs and there seems to be more of them with the issue than normal.

Looked on the bug reporting tool on the site and there's an old report from someone with a similar problem, it was discussed a little, but no fix was implemented.
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Not sure if it has to do with the system noise many notice on the original e200 series players, but I can hear it occasionally depending on the song or if you listen between tracks.

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Are those files any specific codec, like Vorbis or WMA? Do those files have Replaygain info in the tags, or other tag anomalies? Do these tracks play fine on your computer?
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yeah, if it is the same songs with that issue, my bet would be that there's something wrong with them, vs it being a Sansa problem.
Have you tried reripping them & reloading them back on the player?
I always drop any music I'm wanting to put on my e280 into foobar first & have it set the replaygain tags, then enable rpg in Rockbox, along with prevent clipping.
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