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Old 08-10-2010, 04:57 PM
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Default Frustrated with Atrio M5

Hey guys so I've got a pair of Atrio M5's and I just can't manage to get the sound I want out of them that I want and that I know they can make. I used to use the included silicone sleeves which did a good job of balancing out the sound and letting enough treble through, but I ruptured my left eardrum (got hit in the ear with a tennis ball) and I can't wear them anymore because it hurts my ears when they're inserted properly. I've got a slew of other sleeves that I've tried, and each has a fatal flaw:

1.) Included foam sleeves sound good but are terrible to put in and get gross
2.) Shure black foamies are less of a pain to put in and stay cleaner, but they muffle the treble and aren't as dynamic. I like warm-sounding phones, but these are too warm. Nice bass though.
3.) Shure silicone sleeves (took em off an old pair of E3C's, I think) are quite comfortable and easy to get positioned correctly, but they sorta muffle everything and kill the soundstage. The bass sounds fantastic, but it totally overpowers the rest.

Do the Comply T-100 tips sound any better? Seems to me they'd sound just like the Shure foamies. Has anyone else tried different sleeves? I'd prefer silicone, but I don't care as long as they aren't as horrible to put in and don't have to go as deep into the ear as the Atrio's silicone sleeves...

Previous gear: Sony MZ-N10, Cowon X5, iRiver T30, Sony MDR-EX71
Current setup: Cowon D2(+) 16GB (w/Rockbox), Sansa e260 (also w/Rockbox) with Fiio E3 or E5 amp, Atrio M5's (v1 and v2), Shure E3C's and Sony Eggos MDR-D66's

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