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I picked these headphones up on Amazon for portable use and I've been listening to music through these for a while, so I thought I'd write a review over how you should probably stay away from these things.

Comfort-wise, these are great. I can wear them for extended periods of time and not really feel any discomfort and if I do, they are easily adjustable. They rest lightly on your ears, so there isn't much isolation to speak of.

Now we go on to the audio-quality... THESE ARE ABSOLUTE PIECES OF TRASH is what I would say, but seeing that these were only $19 ($8 w/o shipping)... wait, PortaPros are only $10 more??? THESE ARE ABSOLUTE PIECES OF CRAP!!!!!! Seriously, save your money and stay away from these things. Yes, they look good and yes, they are extremely portable and semi-comfortable, but that's ALL you're paying for. Bassheads should especially stay away from these phones; not joking, iPod earbuds have more bass than these. I listened to a lot of electronic music with these and bass was virtually non-existent for a lot of tracks. Mids and highs are meh (suck). Lastly, these are tinny, tinny, and tinny. I wouldn't say that these are terribly tinny (I would consider the PX200's to be terribly tinny), but you will notice the tinny in the musica.

Basically, this thing's only saving grace is the portability. So if you're looking for something that's easy to carry around and has the ability to sound like the tin man having diarrhea, these are the headphones for you (but seriously, don't get these).
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