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Default D2+ or iAudio7

I'm looking to get comparisons/opinions on these two players, as these are the main two I'm looking at.

First off, I don't care about video. If I get the D2+ I definitely won't be watching videos on it. I'm only going to be using my player for audio. So that is why the iAudio7 may be more ideal. But...the highest it comes in is 16GB. The D2+ comes in 16GB, but it also uses external storage. So that's a huge plus. But then again, the 16GB iAudio7 is cheaper than the 16GB D2+. So that's a huge plus too.

So I guess the thing that will decide this for me is sound quality. Which one has the better sound quality? I read that the D2+ has something called BBE+, but the iAudio7 doesn't. The iAudio7 has something called JetEffect? Not quite sure.

So, for the ones that know a lot about Cowons(or has owned both of these players), considering what I'm wanting in a player(basically audio only and great sound), which Cowon model do you think I should go for?

Any opinions will be much appreciated. So please don't hesitate to say yours.

Thank you.

EDIT: Or actually, I was looking at the Sansa Clip+ too. It's only 8GB, but also can use external storage. But I"m not sure how the sound quality is of that player. Any opinions on this?
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