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Default I know the cause of the hiss!!!

Hi guys, I'm a total noob in audio, but I think I know what causes the hissssss.... The Dynamic Normalizer!
Now I don't have the best ears, but when I turn off the Dynamic normalizer, I feel that the hiss is GREATLY reduced. And I mean it!
If you guys have dynamic normalizer on, try turning it off, and the hiss will really be greatly reduced!
If it doesn't work, you can flame me all you want, but I think this is the cause!!!

I tested it with the sond "Jinsei no Merry-go-round" by Joe Hisaishi, and you see a significant difference in the first piano part.
I was really disturbed by the hiss in classical music, but now, poof! It's 95% gone!

Also, can somebody tell me what the dynamic normalizer does?

Edit: I'm using the bundled earphones!

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I don't have the X, but I believe the Sony Dynamic Normalizer function attempts to keep all the songs on your player at a fairly consistent/similar volume. This is useful for when you have very low volume songs followed by much larger volume songs for instance - the result can be an unpleasant surprise when using, say, the Shuffle All function.

Interesting if this is indeed a cause of the reported hiss some owners find with the X - and this could also indicate a problem with the Dynamic Normalizer feature itself, if indeed it is the culprit.

FWIW though, my Sony E345 also has the Dynamic Normalizer function and I do use it constantly. I however, have not noticed any hiss [though my ears are far from "golden" but I think I am reasonably sensitive enough to notice any significant hissing].
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it is not the dynamic normalizer, it is the headphones, since when I use my X with other sony headphones, there is no hiss.
-Ascariss - Sony Crew
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