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Old 12-20-2006, 02:35 PM
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Default eBook reader for the e200 (version 0.9.13 released August 9, 2008)

I suddenly got the urge to get eBooks onto my e260 last night. I did some quick searches couldn't find any way to do it, so I came up with a little app myself.

It basically reads in text files and converts them to images to be used in photo mode. You can inverse the colors, set it to landscape or portrait modes, and show page numbers.

Unfortunately the player only seems to support a specific bitmap format, so each file is 78K versus what could be done in a 6K PNG. I did "The Tale of Two Cities" and it came out at about 200 megs, and 3000 images.

The media converter isn't recommended, use USB mode and drag and drop to avoid resizing images.

Still very much a work in progress, but maybe someone else can find a use for it.

It requires .net 2.0, available from Windows update.

Download Installer

0.9.13, Updated August 9, 2008

* Ability to convert PDF files with the copy flag set
* Improved support for LIT files
* Support for Word with Office 2000 - must have SR1 patch or newer
* Optional additional PNG compression using PNGcrush
* Cache document, fast re-drawing when changing graphical options
* New <%PAGEBREAK%> tag for non-templates to force a page break/new image
* Fixed bug that could occur when splitting into folders crashing at the end

0.9.12, Updated March 20, 2008

* Automatically detects document language settings to support other country's special characters.
* Option under Text tab to select document encoding, defaults to automatic. If a document starts in English, it will be detected as English, so this can override
it. Example: Many Chinese documents are Big5 encoded.

* Text tab settings are now global, not template specific
* Right-click menu to reset templates back to the defaults
* Properly closes instances of Word after importing a DOC file

0.9.11, Updated January 3, 2008

* Changed application window size to better fit large images
* Support for Microsoft Word documents (must have Office XP/2002 or newer installed)
* Added player templates, grouped by manufacturer
* Right-click menu to reset templates back to the defaults
* Made the JPEG quality adjustable via slider, 1-100%, all default to 95%
* Live file preview to show what actual images that use compression will look like
* Displays the file size of the current image in the MP3 player box
* Includes larger possible font size selections
* Updated PDF converter to v3.02
* Fixed issue detecting some sansa e200 players for automatic image transfers
* Fixed issue with manually selected image transer when not installing to a drive root
* Fixed issue with some international characters getting filtered from HTML/LIT files

0.9.10, Updated June 12, 2007

* Changed compression ratio on JPGs, would cause issues in RockBox

0.9.9, Updated June 7, 2007

* No longer applies Sansa image mirroring fixes if not creating a bitmap (ie using RockBox)

0.9.8, Updated June 5, 2007

* MP3 player template settings now save between sessions
* Customizable text/background colors
* Option to use a background image

0.9.7, Updated May 30, 2007

* Improved support for other languages
* Support for templates
* Uses minimum compression in JPGs to reduce artifacts
* Pull sidebar options into tabs
* Option to enforce or ignore trialing returns
* Option to align text to the right for languages like Hebrew
* Detects available font styles
* Centers the preview image
* Fix to a bug when putting all files into the same folder
* Fix for not stripping HTML tags from .HTML files, not just .HTM

0.9.6, Updated February 12, 2007

* Added a button to copy eBook to the mp3 player
* For sansa players, directories are now only one-level deep so the player doesn't ignore them

0.9.5, Updated January 27, 2007

* Added drag and drop support
* Inserts spaces where needed that aren't in the original file for new layout

0.9.4, Updated January 12, 2007

* Added international character support
* Fixed a bug that cut off the last page of text

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