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Default Just got e444 (e344 in USA)... impressions

Recently I discovered that after 2 months of lying on shelf my "beloved" e435f ( ) broke and wouldnt go beyond Every moment of lief haz its music. Of course warranty ended month ago, hopefully guys at Sony Centre were helpful and it ended being send to free warranty service. After 2 days they got message that it wont be repaired but I will get my money back instead, my father stopped by their shop, paid some more cash and bought me e444 since I was pretty amazed with my last model.

The first thing I noticed was cheap sound that buttons make when they are clicked (imo sounds just like in these Chinese mp3s for 20$) and that play button is so big that the arrows buttons will be covered in 95% by official leather case I bought with e435f thats also supposed to fit e444.

Next was that sofa shiny golden walkman logo... seriously it looks so cheap that it must have been a blind man designing this thing. The red logo on e435f was looking perfect and pretty sophisticated on metallic black background, even orange or green one would look better.

And the last thing and worrying me the most is the LCD. When I got my hands on e435f I didnt need 2 seconds to appreciate sharpness and vivid colours (better than on my PSP slim that was in that time the best screen I had seen so far). In e444 I noticed horizontal lines at like 1mm gaps that seem to slide at very fast rate through the screen (like somethings fckd with refresh rate?) not to mention that colours are more pale than on my older model. Is this common or just maybe I got unlucky? If it's like this in most cases I'll probably end my journey with sony mp3 devices.
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Sorry to hear. I, in fact, have the same model, and haven't had a single problem with it, nor have I been remotely concerned with any of the issues you mentioned. It might be a matter of personal preference, not a cheap design on Sony's part, since it is a budget Walkman player. It hasn't ever occurred to me that the Walkman logo was "cheap" looking. I saw it when I bought it and haven't cared about it since. Sony has their new E450 series coming out this month, you might want to check that one out as it looks like a nice step up from the E340/440 series you have. Comes out in the UK in August/September, hopefully will be available in the US as well.
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I just bought this model and my biggest problems are the button noises, as you mentioned. and the move from the older, more intuitive "Playback range" function to the "wishlist" which is redundancy at its finest. Whoever designed this needs to be fired out of a cannon. I am VERY disappointed in Sony.
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