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Old 08-02-2010, 09:43 AM
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Lightbulb The Playlist thread to end all Playlist threads (M3U, PLA, MSC, MTP)

>M3U playlists working in MSC mode - further down in this post

I've read around and noticed that being unable to create working playlists seem to be a big issue on the J3, however some have come up with alternatives and difficult solutions.
So just to clarify one thing for those who don't/didn't know this before getting the J3:
PLA playlists are found on virtually ALL Mp3's that support MTP, It's been around for a few years - (so no offence, but) welcome to the year 2008...9.. no wait, it's 2010!

>Quick word on PLA's, the playlists of MTP mode
To create PLA playlists and to edit them the player has to be in MTP mode.
In windows explorer, right click a song or twenty if you wish, and select Create a playlist. That will create a new playlist in the folder you're browsing. You can rename it, move it to another folder on your player, and yes - it's supposed to be 0 bytes, as it's not an actual file ('s complicated). To edit the playlist, right click it, click on the references tab, and drag and drop songs from your player into the list.
However, there is one reason I don't like PLA playlists - they seem to like suicides. They seem to just randomly dissappear, deleting themselves for no apparent reason - and it has nothing to do with switching between MTP and MSC modes. Therefore I recommend

>M3U playlists, the playlists of MSC mode
A simple M3U playlist can be made in wordpad, by simply writing the path of each song on each line, eg:

One can also use relative paths, but making a long story short (You can read the rest on, The J3 is very picky.
The playlist has to be extended m3u, properly formated, with details etc..

>And the easiest way to make them is...
Playlist Creator
A freeware application that doesn't cost you anything, optional donations to the maker, but no strings.
I haven't tested in MTP mode, but that probably doesn't work, but it works perfectly in MSC mode. At least for me it does. And some other guys at iAudiophile forums...

So again - make sure your player is in MSC mode, run the program Playlist Creator. In the lower part of the program there's a square called playlist creation - fill in the name of your playlist, click on the .PLS and select .M3U instead, and click on the folder icon to select where the playlist will be stored. If you're in any doubt, it must be stored on your player. It doesn't really matter WHERE on the player, as long as it's on there. So the path should be:
<Your J3's drive letter>\<Any folder you like>

As long as it's stored on your player, you're good.
You can add files or folders with the buttons on the right, or just drag-and-drop the songs you want in there. Of course, the songs you're selecting should - again - already be stored on your player, do not select songs stored on your pc.

So once you're done adding songs, changing their order and given a name to the playlist (if you haven't already), click create playlist, and you're done


I think that's just about it...
Any questions?

On a side note: before stumbling upon this solution, I tried writing several simple M3Us by hand in wordpad, I tried copying some playlists created by WMP, and for some reason, the one created by WMP was completely scrambled after unplugging, turning on, trying to open the playlist - which failed, turning off, and plugging the J3 back in and then opening in wordpad, it just consisted of several rows of 's, God knows why...
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