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Default Neko Apprentice (Dev Thread - Status: Rewriting alpha)

This game will be re-worked in an attempt to salvage it, my original plans (which are preserved in gray below) failed. I will take what I can from that code and use to create a bit different kind of game than initially planned, still with the same main theme though.

Thanks to all who has supported this so far, I hope that I some time can release something play-worthy.

Want to motivate me?

It might do the trick :P

Old post:
So, I haven't released anything new for a long time, and this is part of the reason why. I am planning to create a pretty large RPG game. The game engine is in the making and I'm adding functions to it as I reach stages where I need to be able to test it. But before I am able to program it fully I need to plan ahead, that's where you people come in.
I would be very grateful if you could help me with some questions about graphics and gameplay. As it is now barely anything is set in stone, I only have some basic graphics done.

Want to contribute?
Then here is what I need help with:
Suggestions on UI improvements
Ideas what kind of objects are needed (Trees, rocks, walls, etc)
Enemy sprites!
Attack sprites!

Suggestions for riddles/missions needed to carry out before a certain boss area can be unlocked.
Suggestions for balancing, enemy suggestions

Create a stand-alone software for map editing. It's too much to do manually. Anyone could help me with that? I can do it myself but it'd take extra time, lots of it.

If you want to help out with creating the graphics then send me a PM and we can discuss it further. Otherwise if you just have some ideas post them here.

What is done:
Main game engine base (Map drawing, movement, collision checks)
Some graphics (See below, everything is made by me from scratch)
-- Changelog:
-- 12/06-10, V 0.0.1: Objects and map drawing
-- 03/08-10, V 0.0.2: Walking Animation
-- 05/08-10, V 0.0.3: Swimming animation and switches between it and walking
-- 13/08-10, V 0.0.4: Dialog function by Brett_val added with some optimization code-wise
-- 18/08-10, V 0.0.5: Tile ID recognition for actions or viewing
-- 04/09-10, V 0.0.6: Random enemy encounters (Changed in V 0.0.7 to a creature cave)
-- 11/10-10, V 0.0.7: Fighting and Training/Healing system (not final, need more enemies and graphics), Inventory
-- ??/??-11, V 0.0.8: Basic mission system (in progress)

Things to do:
Water (In progress, I thought I was done and then realized I need more pieces to make different shaped water areas. Right now they can only be like in the preview)
Player sprites in explore (only need a few more swimming sprites)
Sprites for fighting screen (brother is on that)
Object sprites for needed objects, contact me if you're good at graphics
Treasure chest (object for above)
Attack animation & sprites!

Hold to keep moving
Object manipulation (half done)
Complete gamesave with map rewriting to match changes made during gameplay. (Perhaps will skip map saving to save time)
Signposts and NPC's for clues
A function for marking and checking waypoints in the game, eg. if you have been to certain coordinates or if you press "Action" while facing an object it will perform an action if there is any associated with the object. (In progress)
Attack damage calculation
Damage/defence balancing
Skill training and balancing

Playtest video:
Attached Images
File Type: png preview.png (55.3 KB, 42 views)
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