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Default Experience with armbands for the HD?

I've read about the DLO Action Jacket on Amazon, but I was more interested in the Incipio Performance Armband for the Zune HD.

Some people have reported that the DLO has the tendency to stick to the HD's screen too much, making it difficult to remove from the case. The thing is I haven't been able to find the Incipio case in stock anywhere, not even in their store.

Does anyone have any experience using either of them? Any idea where I could find the Incipio? Thanks in advance.
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The incipio one was never released. It was canceled after months of delays. I have the DLO, and it's fine. It sticks a little, but not to the point where you're struggling to peel it off.
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I have the action jacket from dlo as well as the jam jacket and the hip case folio. The action jacket is annoying because the plastic cover for the screen does stick and can make some of the controls hard to access. The arm band and the clip is great for running though, if that's what your looking for.
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My DLO works great....I read all the reports of it sucking but since its the only one I had no choice...very surprised it works great...
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Well, I ordered a cheap $6 Armband with silicone case from ebay. I'm not expecting much, but I didn't wanna shell $25+ for an armband case. Thanks to all for the quick replies and the help. I'll post back when I test it out.
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