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Old 07-26-2010, 02:59 PM
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Default How to fix the scroll button (spindle) [step-by-step] [pics]

This tutorial will teach you how to fix the scroll button (AKA spindle) from misfiring (scrolling like crazy in every direction).
Originally Posted by yaku View Post
I don't know if this happened to any of you guys, but my spinn's scroll button has gone crazy! A couple of weeks ago it started malfunctioning; when I try to scroll from one file to the next one (one up or down), it jumps two to five places back and/or forward. I thought this was a firmware problem so I uploaded to 2.10 but it's still the same.
First and foremost this should be done with EXTREME CARE. I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your spinn. I cannot even guarantee how long this fix lasts, but it worked for me.

Most importantly, have a clean, organized and well lit work area. Make sure you don't forget or lose any components.
You may want to read all the instructions before starting.

This can be done regularly, as part of a cleaning schedule.
Don't be afraid to use your brain if something goes wrong.
Full-size pictures:

Things you need:

  1. cleaning fluid
  2. cotton pads
  3. paper tissue
  4. iriver spinn with funky spindle
  5. paper clip (optional)
  6. tweezers (optional)
  7. small Phillips screwdriver
  8. sharp object (e.g. compasses, needle)
  9. flashlight (optional but recommended)

Step 1.

Insert the needle into the hole shown, and remove the cap.

Step 2.

Remove the black screw.
Tip: a magnetized screwdriver works best.
Note: as you can see in the picture, there are two screw holes, but only one screw (yours may vary).

Step 3.

Turn the spindle 90 degrees, then remove it.

Step 4.

Remove the white cylinder by "opening" the two clickies shown. The tweezers may come in handy.

Step 5.

Remove the spring and the small, white disc.
Carefully remove the center stick. Tip: it may not come off from the beginning, spin it a little and try again.

Step 6.

Put some cleaning fluid on the cotton pads and clean the stick (bottom of the image). Note: the 'stick' has a hexagonal end which fits into a hole inside the device (examine it with the flashlight). Do not force it back inside.
Tip: the hexagonal end may have some lubricant on it. You may safely remove it (at least that's what I did without any problems)

Try to clean the inside of the socket (hole, however you may call it) using the tissue and a bent paper clip. CAUTION: make sure no tissue gets blocked inside. If this is the case, carefully remove it with the clip.
Put cleaning fluid on a cotton pad and moist the stick (with the fluid, using the pad). Do not place fluid directly on any component.

Put the stick back into the device, turn the device on (don't worry, it's safe) and spin it. Examine the results.
Tip: you can use the white cylinder placed upside-down to spin the stick.

Try again and be patient if it doesn't work on the first go. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, POUR LIQUID INSIDE THE HOLE (COMMON SENSE).
Tip: to maximize efficiency, spin it gently, and make sure it is spinning easily and without any noise. The bumps are normal, they translate the motion of the spindle into actions.
After a few tries, it should work fine.

Just to be on the safe side, carefully clean every component.

Step 8.

Reassemble the spindle, following the steps backwards.
Please note that the spring is wide-side up, and don't forget the small disc under the spring.
Do not force the screw. Use the other hole if it's not working.
Place the cap back on (notice the glue on one side) and marvel at your handiwork.

Happy SPINNing!

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