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Default Cowon J3 Questions and Answers

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased the Cowon J3 from Canada, I think it is the greatest device out there of its kind and have enjoyed all of the advertised features without any problems. The only problem I have been having is finding information or answers on the device. the manual it comes with is extremely basic and is very lacking of detail. I have two questions I would like to start this thread off with and hopefully others with questions can find this thread useful when googleing the question is useless.

First question is is it possible to put a password on the Cowon J3 because it is not in the settings or I just can not find it, every other device I have used seems to have some sort of password so I would imagine Cowon would to.

My second question is that when converting mp3 files to FLAC in Jet Audio (software provided with J3 device) I noticed the file went from 4-5mb to 30-80mb, my concern was although I am aware that FLAC is a much bigger file, how does the converter create so much from so little, and I have noticed a HUGE difference in sound quality between the MP3 and FLAC files, but is it alright to convert or should I download original FLAC files from the start.

Thank you for all your help and time I hope this thread becomes useful to others as much as it will be to me.

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There is no password setting that i'm aware of. And what would you gain by converting an MP3 to FLAC? the mp3 is already compromised, in that compared to the original, upto 80% is thrown away. You need to create FLACs from a cd as it is lossless and you'll have all the info in it as the original. The reason the FLAC is larger, is that the MP3 is converted to a WAV file then compressed to FLAC. The quality will be the same as the source: the MP3.
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It doesn't do any good to go from an MP3 to a FLAC. FLAC is only higher quality if it comes from a CD source. So yes, you need to download the FLAC files in the first place if thats what you want.

And for the most part, a good 320 mp3 will do nearly as good as a flac, unless your sporting some pretty good headphones, and have an ear for it then you may not notice the difference between a flac and a good 320 mp3 file.

And about the password, if you put Claws UI on your J3 then you can set a pin on start up, you can only use numbers but its a password.
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