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Default I Just Got My Sansa View And...

...It seems like it's working pretty well, with photos and video playing just fine, BUT it's a different story with .mp3 files. Some play like they're supposed to, BUT folders with MANY files either don't show up on the display (they ARE loaded on the VIEW) or they DO display, but they only have 1 or a few files (out of many) in them. Also, some play for a few seconds, then fade out, then go to silence. After that, there is a high pitched WHINE that just about blows out my eardrums!!! I converted a mono file that did this into a STEREO 48MHZ 128kbps file & that fixed the problem. I also tried this with the non displaying or partially full folders with no luck Anybody out there have any suggestions? I really like the player otherwise & I don't want to send it back for a refund.
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