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Old 07-22-2010, 06:07 PM
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Default Questions about Price, Controls, and a few other Features

I'm new to these forums, but I've been looking at new mp3 players on abi for a while. I've been planning to replace my iPod nano 3G, and now that I've completely filled it, I've started to get serious about finding a new player.
After reading about the features of the J3, I figured that it was the best player for me.

However, I did have a few questions:

1. About how long do Cowon players take before they start to drop in price?
From what I've read, it'll take at least a couple of months. I'm fine with the $300 price tag for the 32GB J3, but if I can get a better deal before the end of the summer, I'd much rather wait.
(I see that the price on Amazon has already gone down about $3, too! Haha)

2. I like the fact that the J3 has tactile controls in addition to the touchscreen. But do the fast-forward/rewind buttons allow you to skip through songs?
On the iPod (as well as most media player software), if you hold down the fast-forward button, it will fast-forward, but if you just press it once, it will go straight to the next song. It'd be nice to have the same feature on the J3, but most places I've seen just refer to the buttons as fast-forward and rewind.

3. Is it possible to queue songs in a playlist? The lack of this feature was a big disappointment on the iPod, although the only places I've ever actually seen it were in a few media programs, such as Winamp and Amarok. Not really a dealbreaker, but it'd definitely be a plus.

4. Will there ever be a firmware update to increase the number of files the player can handle?
If I did the math correctly, 8000 music files should add up to around 48 GB (at the average bitrate for most of my music). That means if I get the 32GB player, the most I can add to it for music is a 16GB microSD card. I assume this will be enough space for a while, but it's a bit annoying knowing that a limit is there.
And if no, will something like Rockbox be able to increase the file limit?

5. About how long does it take to sync a full 16GB microSD card to the library?
If I ever do run out of space, it's nice to know that I can load several cards with different music and switch between them. But if that means having to wait several minutes each time for it to sync up, I wouldn't want to do that too often. And even if I don't run out of space with music, I'd probably still load a separate card with videos.

6. I also noticed in another topic that the player has to sync the card and internal library every time the player turns on. However, is there a sleep mode for the player, or does it have to be fully turned off every time it's not in use?

Thanks for any help!
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