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Default Zune HD Proclip Car Mount Review

Mounting your gadgets to your dashboard in your car is always a good idea. Loose mobile phones, mp3 players, GPS, and other gadgets on the seat or console can distract you from driving if you need to even just glance at them. I will admit I have carelessly tried to find a ringing phone or mp3 player in my dash with some potential close calls. This is why I am a fan of mounting any kind of gadgets to the dash.

Window mounts work pretty good but in the case of my car, it obstructs my vision too much. The other thing is that mounting stuff to your windshield or even hanging something on your review view mirror while the vehicle is in operation is illegal in many states. Rarely enforced, it’s often used as an excuse to pull you over.

So I want something that will mount in my car but I don’t want to have to drill holes in my dashboard if I want to remove it or replace it with something else. This is why I really appreciate what ProClip has to offer since they make many non-destructive vehicle specific mounts. Im my case I found the perfect mount for my Honda Accord. The way the it mounts avoids close contact with the vent and friction fits into the gaps in the dashboard where two pieces of plastic meet. ProClip provides a tool that temporarily spreads that gap so that you can insert the ends of the mounting bracket. Again, no harm will be done to your dashboard.

This U piece of plastic provides a base in which you can build on. As you can see in my last ProClip review, I mounted two devices- a Blackberry Bold and a Zune 120. What is cool about this is that you can mount any device in countless configurations- one device, two devices, one on a swivel mount, the other flat, extended swivel mount, ect. If you change devices like I did, all you have to do is buy the specific mount for that device and it works with the existing ProClip mounting hardware- nice, universal, plug and play.

Now the setup on your particular vehicle will be different- you will have to look it up online to see what is available. But from what I found ProClip has the biggest selection.

The materials that make up the system are simple but robust. I have not notices any kind of fading or fatiguing in the plastic from having it sitting in the hot sun on my dash for over a year.

A bit of a disclaimer: A good friend of mine Johan (@JohanvanMierlo) who runs also works for ProClip and hooks me up. This review may read a bit like a promotional post, but in all honesty I don’t have a single complaint after over a few years of almost daily use. And what I appreciate most about ProClip is the huge breadth of device mounts and vehicle mounting solutions. I have yet to find another place that offers this kind of selection. If you do know of other mounting solutions that offer this much, please share in the comments below.

(If you are worried about the ProClip branding on the side, they are just stickers and peel easily off. This is actually a deal breaker for some, so I thought I would mention.)
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