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Default On-device Zune Marketplace is screwed up

Ever since the last downtime, Zune Marketplace on the Zune HD has been intermittently flaky in the areas of auto-suggest, search relevancy, and top songs for both genres and individual artists. Increasingly, it fails to revert to its previous status.

For instance, the top songs under the "pop" genre are 100% Harry Chapin songs (with no album artwork). The "electronic" category simply returns "no items".

Search is way off as well. If I search for "One More Time", the top result in songs should be the Daft Punk song, not some song from an artist that doesn't even have a Wikiepdia page.

Also, I'm pretty sure all the songs from Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album of yesteryear are not her top sellers right now. Zune thinks otherwise.

Its almost as if its doing a random binary search rather than using an intelligent algorithm of any kind.

None of this happened before the downtime, and its a shame because it used ot be so good. Autosuggest used to get me what I wanted in 3 letters and now its completely worthless (unless you are looking for karaoke and workout mixes, which comprise about 50% of the auto-suggest results regardless of input). If Zune wants to be serious in the services game, they need to get their act together.

Is anyone else seeing these issues?
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