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Default Play flac files

Just a few quick questions regarding how to use flac files. My J3 should be arriving soon and I've spent the past few days converting my music library to flac format. I have each album and cover art in it's own folder just like my mp3's and I was wondering if the J3 will handle them like it would mp3's. The reason I ask is because in the Cowon Media Center all the files show up as separate songs and not as complete albums. Like for example, in itunes and Windows Media Player I can display just the cover art and click on them to display all the tracks that are contained inside them. But on the Cowon media player it lists all the songs individually instead and doesn't give me the option to switch to cover art view (or at least I can't figure out how). Will the J3 do the same thing?
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By converting do you transcoding your audio files fro m one format to another. If so the original file should be lossless for FLAC to be any use. If your ripping from CD then I would advice continuing with FLAC. If your coverting lossy files because you like the license then I would advice trying OGG for your collection.

As to Your question if you tag them as all being in the same album it should be fine and work like MP3's would.
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