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Default Error message: Zune Player isn't responding

Recently, I've found that I've been getting a message when syncing my Zune that says


Your Zune isn't responding. Please disconnect it, restart it, then try again.


The message looks like the screen shot from this blog post (belonging to some guy I don't know):

The web help page was clearly designed before the Zune HD came out and not updated for the Zune HD. Regardless it looks like the only way to really fix this would be to clear the player and resync the content, which would be more of a hassle than the management strategy I've figured out.

Now, first, the advice to disconnect and restart the player has never worked. The sync is gagged on the same item that it gagged on the previous time (I believe that this has always been a video podcast). The only thing that seems to help is to reduce the number of podcasts I have on the player either by watching them or deleting them. The annoying thing is that both according to the player and the Zune software, I have over 1 GB of free space on the player (1.48 GB according to the software, 1.84GB according to the player; discrepancy may be based on files unsynced due to error), which is a 32GB Zune HD.

Ultimately, I may end up clearing the player and resyncing, but for now, I'm sticking with my workaround strategy. I'm posting this thread to ask if anyone else has seen this, to possibly generate speculation as to what the problem is (is it some sort of file fragmentation issue?), and to bring the issue to Dave's attention so he can inform the software engineers of the issue. Interestingly, via an internet search, I found a post on the Zune forums from someone who is not me on this topic (and who unlike the above linked blogger, uses a Zune HD):
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