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Default Volume? What a joke!

I know there's a load of other posts out there relating to this, but having just bought a clip+ yesterday I am really disappointed, and wanted to share!

It arrived by post, and before rushing down to the station I put a load of spoken word and music onto it in anticipation of the journey ahead of me. I was really looking forward to testing it out after all the great reviews I'd read when selecting it.

I'm using a pair of Koss PortaPro open backed portable headphones - one of the best selling and best low cost models of headphones of all time. Imagine my dismay when, once settled in on the train and turning on the clip+ for the first time, I discover that on full volume my music is almost inaudible. Over the noise of the train and background hum of the cabin making out the lyrics was barely possible.

I have good hearing. My MP3's are all at a normal level. The headphones work perfectly on every other device I've tried. Why is the amp driving the Clip+ so weak?

When I got home I listened again in a silent room. The volume is just acceptable, although picking out subtleties still a strain. But out and about, over traffic or the normal bustle of life, the highest volume was nowhere near adequate. I cannot imagine a situation when anyone would ever turn the volume below the maximum. The volume buttons might as well not exist.

I do not want to have to buy an external amp to increase the volume - why should I? I don't like in-ear headphones; they're uncomfortable and much more dangerous. I am intelligent enough to decide whether music is damaging my hearing or not, and whether I want to take that risk. Why doesn't the Clip+ fulfill such a basic function as to be loud enough to hear!
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