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Old 07-13-2010, 09:57 PM
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Default Ok, I give up: questions about "Favorites" management

Although I have more than 250 tracks I'd like to put into Favorites, I guess I can live with 250. Of course what I really want is "playlists" of my own choosing and construction (ideally constructed on my PC and copied to the J3, but I'll take whatever I can get).

Anyway, I don't see any mention anywhere of support for playlists. So I assume this does not exist... hence just one 250 Favorites list.

So, if possible, how do I do the following basic tasks:

(1) How do I DELETE an entry once I've added it? I mean deleting a specific track in the 250-max Favorites list, because say I've changed my mind, or I'm maxed out and want to put some other tracks in instead.

(2) Can I move an entry UP or DOWN in the list, since otherwise the list seems fixed at precisely the order you added the tracks at? It would be nice if the list remained alphabetical, but I really don't care. In fact, I've pushed "random" for play order, because these are all really "favorites" and having them pop up in random order is great.

(3) When looking at a "list" (e.g. the tracks for an album) the bar at the bottom of the screen has a "+", which suggests you can use it to add a track to Favorites by using this button. However I don't see that it actually does anything. Plus, there's no way to "select" a track without causing it to play, so how could this "+" at the bottom of the screen apply to a single track? And that's not what it's for, then what is this "+" for and how do you use it?

(4) Is the Favorites list stored on primary storage (in one of the directories) in a text-form so that I could actually edit it myself?
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