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Default TES, The Elder Scrolls

feel free to talk about any of them, daggerfall, redguard, morrowins, oblivion, TES V, mods, any about Tamriel
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I did really enjoy oblivion , could play it for hours on end without a break. Put it over 100 hours so far and have yet to finish the actual game just because of all the stuff you can do. I do find fallout 3 to be a bit more enjoyable as of the setting , given so many rpgs have done the fantasy setting.
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I've never really gotten into TES games. The thing that always got me was the annoying way things were handled. Like leveling, how using weapons work, magic at times was really awkward. Oblivion is by far the best of the series, as long as you remove all the scaling, add in the more complex shield use and more realistic horse fighting add-ons and so forth

I would have loved Morrowind/Oblivion with a much simpler game mechanic like in the Ultima series. Ultima 7 (+Serpents Isle) is still my favorite RPG of all time, Fallout 1&2 shares this spot too, but I prefered Ultima's real time combat and magic system over Fallouts (at times tedious) turn based gameplay. Also Ultima was made years before Fallout, and was still a far more open world then Fallout, which was just a collection of areas in a world map with random encounters that were all the same.

As far as action RPG's go (Which is what I consider Morrowind and Oblivion to be) I prefer a heavily narrated game like Might and Magic Dark Messiah over the vastness of Morrowind and Oblivion. There is more to do in the latter but it all seems so watered down when you do it that its kinda sad that so much effort is put into the world. Too bad that "Open world" is such a selling point that DM never really made it compared to Oblivion even though the game was much more fun from start to finish.
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I'm a huge fan of Oblivion and I consider it as one of the best RPG's there is along with other games such as Diablo 2.
The amazing thing about is how much time you have to spend before it seems like you've got nothing else to do, and then you can simply download mods to compensate for that.

BTW I have the collector's edition and the coin and the small pocket book are awesome
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cyrodil, tamriel, tes, the elder scrolls

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