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Old 07-12-2010, 11:49 AM
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Lightbulb A few words on Samsungs Yepp M1 SDHC card integration

This is for everybody who'sconsidering to buy a Samsung YEPP YP M1, probably in the smallest version with updating the memory with a sdhc card (like I did). As I did not find any detailed information about it, I'd like to share this for any future buyer:

To summerize it: In my oppinion the sdhc card integration is very halfway-thought-out, not to say bad. Its more or less only a file browser with limited capability of playing/watch/reading/... the files.

(This description is based on Firmware 1.29)

After you insert your sdhc card the SD-card-icon in the main GUI activates (insertion and ejecting of the card can be done at any point without syncing, no need to start a special procedure for that). After clicking on it, you'll see the folder structure of the sd card with all files visible the M1 can handle (thats audio,video,txt and pictures) similar to every file explorer on the computer on other samsung PMPs. You navigate with clicking on the folders. Its possible to delete and copy files to the main memory (saved in folder "shared data"). Coping is, of course depended on the sd card, not very fast (I guess about 2-4 MB/s).

Important: This is the ONLY way to access the files, its not possible to acces ist via "Music" or the "Video" Icon.

Audio Files
Lets say there is a completet album in a folder (9 mp3s) on your sd-card. By clicking on on file you enter the normal music player. You will be able to scroll through all the tracks in the same folder (in this case from track 1 to 9), change playmode from to normal to shuffle,etc. You will not be able to join tracks to this folder-playlist and you will not be able to use these tracks in combination with your audio-files in the internal memory. Also, when you pause the player, turn off the Samsung YP M1, turn it on again, enter the player over the "Music" icon (->"Now playing") it will only save the track you heard, but not the exact second and minute of the track you turned the player off (like it does with audio files in the internal memory). This to be not an big issue but gets really annoying after a while (always hearing the same beginning of a track). In my oppinion its only usefull for audiobooks or music you only play in defined orders. You can of course, make your playlist with putting all files in one folder, but good luck if you try to find anything.

Video Files
Pretty much the same applies here: You click on a video file and are able to scroll with FFW and FBW through all the files in the same folder. It also does not save the time elapsed. This time even when you "only" exit the player. (not only after turning the thing off). When you long-press the "Video" icon the video always starts from the beginning. This is VERY annoying, considering movies and shows have at least 20 min of length and you like to watch a movie on the way to work, you'll always have to find the last seen scene. Its also not possible to Bookmark videos on the sd card. A workaround would be coping the video to the internal storage, but this pretty inconvinient considering the slow transfering speeds.

The issue here seems that the M1 does not save/writes any data on the sd-card, it only reads from it (except delting of course). I'd understand that approach(for security reasons - you can eject the card at any time), but it would easily be possible to save this tiny amount of information on the internal memory! So please M1 engineers, change that!
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