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Old 07-09-2010, 11:31 PM
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Default Cowon J3 protective sheet for back: "flaps" no longer adhere

Originally Posted by paraffiinbrain View Post
Fold over the edges. Curse when the edges seem to unstick permanently. Celebrate when you realise the edges peeling off are a hard cover layer that's meant to come off. Pull this off carefully, and a thinner layer is now protecting the back.
Ok... I'm confused here.

When I attached that back sheet earlier today there was adhesive on those flaps, and they all seemed to adhere to the edges of the player.

By this evening, almost all of both the long-edges had un-stuck, just as you described above. The short edge at the top of the player is still nicely adhered.

I don't follow what you say I'm now supposed to do. Are you saying that somehow these un-stuck flaps are also multi-layer, and that I am supposed to now peel them apart and discard what will come off in my hand... which is somehow just a layer on these flaps? And the rest of the sheet covering the back (like 99% of it) will remain behind?

I don't want to do any permanent damage to this back sheet layer.

Can you please clarify what needs to be done to these un-stuck side flaps.

These flaps did originally have adhesive stickiness to them, and did stick to the side edges of the player. But both flaps of plastic on the long side edges have now un-stuck and "aged" so that there is now zero adhesive residue on them. They're now just laying out flat.

So what do I do? There's no more stickiness left, so they're never going to re-attach to the edges of the player. So why were they manufactured as flaps in the first place?

The back is still attached firmly to the player, but the top edge now seems to slowly losing its grip. I'm sure in another day or two it will also come un-stuck completely with all adhesive glue gone.

Do I just razor off these flaps and be done with it, hoping that the back surface remains stuck on the player? Or is there some other care and feeding I should have followed?

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